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Fleischmann's® Bread BoosterTM: Results that rise to any occasion.

The experts at Fleischmann’s, Canada’s #1 trusted yeast brand are proud to introduce Bread Booster! Made from simple ingredients, Fleischmann’s Bread Booster complements any yeast based recipe.

Experience the difference Fleischmann’s Bread Booster makes in your recipes. Your confidence will soar when you see the improvements Bread Booster adds to your dough:

  • Kneading is easier
  • Dough proofs faster & rises higher
  • Bread rises higher as it bakes
  • Moist, fluffy and soft texture
  • Stays fresh longer (anti-stale)


How to use Fleischmann’s Bread Booster

Simply add 1½ teaspoons for every cup of flour used in your favourite yeast recipe. For superior results, use with Fleischmann’s Yeast.

Try some of our favourite recipes to experience how Fleischmann’s Bread Booster will change how you bake bread from now on.


"Wow, did it ever improve my bread that I made during Christmas. It rose so much better, and it kept it fresh. Used it for my Sunday dinner rolls as well and the taste was amazing. Highly recommend."

Kathy R. Noineville, NB

"It works great. It was easy to use and lifted bread beautifully."

Sample Program Recipient

"I really liked this product... It was the perfect addition to my bread! It took my bread from plain Jane to a home hit!"

Halifax, NS. Sample Program Recipient

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Ken Bentham

"Fun to try and better than expected results, even from a brand that I trust!"

Dawn C. Quispamsis, NB

"Love all the Fleischmann’s products. Only brand I buy and will continue to buy. Easy to use with any bread recipe. Whether it be pizza, buns, bread. It has never ever let me down, will buy again."

Crystal C. Calgary, AB.

"Where has this been all my life? This upped my bread game. Truly took it to a whole new level. It doesn't matter if you’re a beginner baker or an expert - do yourself a favor and give this a try. You'll be happy you did."

Oshawa, ON. Sample Program Recipient

"I found my bread to be lighter and fluffier, it’s a great and trusted product. "

Sandra J. Sample Program Recipient

"Fleischmann's bread booster gave me a beautiful, well risen loaf of bread. It was super tasty, very even with beautiful bubbles on the inside. I would recommend this product."

Lysianne, S. Sample Program Recipient

"Perfect for making bread. Quick rise, perfect product. Will use it again and recommend it to my friends."

Dasha M. Victoria, BC

"My friend and I just loved as we do a lot of baking, so it was the best bread booster ever. We recommended to all our friends!"

North York, ON. Sample Program Recipient

"Great value and great product. Would definitely recommend."

Mississauga, ON. Sample Program Recipient

"Loved the boost it gave my bread!"

Marta D. Hamilton ON. Sample Program Recipient

"Definitely makes the bread fluffier and lasts longer without going stale. "

Matt K. Winnipeg, MB. Sample Program Recipient

"Wow…. I made the cinnamon pull apart bread recipe and it only took half the time to rise. Going to make bagels with it very convenient for on-the-go mom's and families who want to make homemade bread in half the time."

Kanata, ON. Sample Program Recipient

"Perfect for baking. Worked nicely. "

Jen M. Omemee, ON. Sample Program Recipient

"This helped our pizza crust taste even better!"

Betty Jo K. Sample Program Recipient

"Such a good product. Couldn't believe how fast my buns rose. Took a lot less time to prep. Will buy this product again"

Shannon K. Chestermere, AB.

"Simplifies bread making but most importantly makes fluffier, more moist bread that stays fresher, longer. Simple tool for excellent professional bakery results."

Michele M. Gravenhurst, ON.

"Made my bread rise well and it had an amazing, fluffy texture."

Vancouver, BC. Sample Program Recipient

"Surprised at how much better my bread tasted. Seemed fluffier."

Sample Program Recipient

"My bread was better than ever. This is definitely a product I would buy again. I like to make my own bread so I can see myself using this a lot."

Laura, F Alberta BC, Sample Program Recipient

"Usually my bread never turns out. Ever! Got this last week and decided to give it a try first time my bread has ever turned out."

Terri S. Edmonton, AB

"Made my bread fluffier than normal. Thumbs up!"

Regina, SK. Sample Program Recipient

"Love how easy it is to use!"

Derek B. Sample Program Recipient

"Really changes the way I make bread now, have had a lot bread fails but now I am consistently getting perfect bread, very much like this product, highly recommend"

Nat W. Alberta. Sample Program Recipient

"Works great! Breads came out amazing!! Easy to incorporate into any recipe and helped with the proofing duration."

Kham E. Hillsborough, NB

"I found that it definitely made the kneading easier. My bread rose so nicely and turned out a fluffy bread and crisp outer crust. It really made the whole process easier in my opinion. I will be using it again absolutely!"

Kimberly C. Edmonton AB

"I found this product to be an instant success, it does what it says & makes a difference.... made cinnamon buns through the mini recipe booklet included. "

Jen J. Toronto, ON. Sample Program Recipient

"Finally, something that will help make bread making etc. easier!"

Sample Program Recipient

"Simply great! Loved baking with it. Easy to use and effective."

Markham, ON. Sample Program Recipient



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